Healthy Studio Guidelines 2020

* Each guest at Zen House is asked to wait in the hallway until the previous class has cleared out. 


* Everyone must wear a mask in the building and in the studio until they are situated on their mat. It is then your choice to remove your mask. Public Health recommends a person does not wear a mask for any fitness classes, but it is always the individual’s choice.


* For your convenience and to ensure everyone is the recommended 6 feet apart, the studio floor will be marked with stickers indicating where to line up the front centre of your mat. 


* We are moving all props to minimize exposure and handling. We encourage you to bring your own props, whatever makes your practice feel better. Dollarama, Winners, Marshalls, Walmart all have super affordable options. If you need to borrow one of our props, please ask a teacher. If a teacher brings out props for the whole class, rest assured they will be sanitized by them.


* Please do your best to sign up ahead of time. There is a link to your teacher on the Teacher Page of our website. Space is at a premium so that we can follow these Health Guidelines. Once we hold this space for you, it is yours. We are deeply honoured to share this space and practice with you! You will be charged for this space/time unless you give your teacher ample notice to fill your reserved spot.


Let’s be patient with ourselves and each other as we navigate these new times. And let’s lead with a focus on good health, rather than a bias or fear for the alternative.